Many might say that Boracay had been very crowded. Well, it should be – with its long stretch of beautiful sand, crystal clear waters and perfect sun.

It was my first time in Boracay so I expected a lot from the experience. I was not disappointed. The photo shoots by the beach, the parade of people, the montage of water activities, the bargaining with vendors were among those which spelled the beautiful chaos of Boracay. There was just so much to do but we had a very limited time. We had had just a day to stay.


We tried the island hopping tour package for Php 600. The group was the joiner in a larger group of foreigners and we were like 20 to 30 in the boat.

The first stop of the tour was Balinghai Beach. We literally stayed for a very long time that it almost consumed the whole tour. The boat anchored about half a kilometer from the beach; and, we snorkeled. We did; before we headed to the shore for more swimming.

We stayed until it was time for lunch at Piknikan, which was on the island on the far side opposite of where we were. The food was blah and the place was not so much but the people were really friendly and smiley.

Afterwards, we headed to Crystal Cove Island Resort. With 200-peso entrance fee, not included in the tour package, we followed the trail in Crystal Cove. Surprisingly, it was beautiful and totally worth it.

Since most in the group were starting their trail in the Trail View, we decided to take the opposite route and started in the Wishing Well. We figured it was less crowded when we did it that way.  Then we went to Baywatch, Cove 2, View deck, Cove 1, Mini museum and Trail View. The island was traversable by feet so there was no need for additional expenses and hassle of commuting.


Then when we thought that we were headed to the next island destination, our guide told us that the tour would have to be ended because the waves were not being friendly. Like what the hell? It was really devastating (for the lack of better word), but when traveling you could not let yourself get into negativity and sulk. So we all moved on faster than we could say sucker. I believed that that island hopping tour was botched, though.

It pitter-pattered as we reached the mainland Boracay. After a minute or two, the skies cleared. We decided to stroll towards the corner most portion of Station 3. We had quite a long walk. With a surprise to no one, the sands and the waters were still the same but it was quieter. There were people sleeping on their tan while others were silently reading books. It was so unlike the crowded Station 2.

Our group of eight, less two who preferred staying, then hailed a tricycle to Puka Shell Beach. With a 200-peso fare, the tricycle maneuvered to the narrow roads of Boracay Island passing the chain of beach resorts on one side of the road and residential houses and commercial buildings on the other.

We reached Puka Shell Beach just before sunset and just in time for sunset jump shots. Our group befriended a local who prepared dinner for us for a very discounted price. Nobody else stayed for dinner in Puka Shell Beach so we had the whole beach for ourselves. It was one of the most relaxing places on the island and the homemade food prepared for us was nothing but the best we had in our stay on the island.

By then, we confirmed that if you knew how to speak Ilonggo or Cebuano, the more likely you were to have higher discounts on your bargains.


The crazy morning activities of Boracay equally matched its unending evening activities. That island never slept.

The single day we had spent in Boracay was never enough. There was just so much to do and more enjoyable activities to experience. Nevertheless, it was a hell of a first time. And would I go there again soon? Absolutely yes!


Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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