Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort

For some reason, I went to Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, more or less, a two-and-half-hour commute from General Santos City. With four hours to gallivant after my main purpose, I and my sister decided to go to Esperanza and to take a dip in their cold and hot springs. Since we hadn’t brought any swimming clothes, we went around the Isulan Public Market for a bargain and I bought a bundle of three swimming shorts for P100.00 only.

Esperanza was about twenty-minute Multicab ride from Isulan for P20.00 and Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort was about ten-minute habal-habal ride for P35.00. We wasted no time and started plunging to the spring after settling down and paying a P25.00 entrance fee.

The springs were not so deep. Thus, we enjoyed it so much. The hot and cold springs were adjacent allowing you to switch between pools effortlessly. The cold spring was remarkably moderate and cool but it was the hot spring which caught attention. It was really hot that for some thin-skinned individuals it can be scalding. It took a little while for my body to adjust to the temperature before it became relaxing.



There was another pool a few feet away for children. We also dipped in that pool and found out that the water was lukewarm and actually rather more relaxing. We spent time in that pool longer than we expected also since there was no one in there.


After an hour or two of ‘pool hopping’, I and my sister decided to walk aimlessly around the area. There was a waterfall nearby and we decided to trek it with very little directions from the locals. After a good fifteen minutes and second-guessing fork roads, we reached the very cute waterfall. It was not very much compared to how its water sounded from the road. They built a makeshift pool for those who enjoyed paddling in its cold water.


We returned to the hot and cold springs and dipped some more before finally going back to Isulan. We took the bus going to Isulan for P15.00 instead of the other commute which was the Multicab.

Provincial Capitol of Sultan Kudarat

In Isulan, I opted to go to the Provincial Capitol of Sultan Kudarat and marvel on its beauty before finally calling it a day.


Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat boasts more tourist destinations.  I personally wanted to go to given I will have more time to wander in the area. Panigan Falls, Ugis Peak, and Marawir Peak are among the must-visit destinations in the area that I sure will be more than willing to enjoy soon.

Author: Mark Atong

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