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Islands Mindanao

Exploring MisOr (Day 2 of 2): Welcome to Jasaan, Misamis, Oriental!

Liyang Beach Resort We stayed in this resort primarily because it was one of the closest to Agutayan Naked Island. With the entrance fee of P40.00, we were welcomed by the rocky beach with a dirty shore and a water shortage. Which was a bummer because we were looking forward to frolicking by the beach after a day of very tiring waterfalls hopping. The water problem improved by the morning and we never dared to take a dip in the beach. Agutayan Naked Island   This island was one of…

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Mindanao Waterfalls

Exploring MisOr (Day 1 of 2): Have You Ever Heard of the Waterfalls of Claveria, Misamis, Oriental?

You’d probably say ‘No’ and nobody would blame you because I never heard them before too, not until now. Since we had had the time to visit Misamis, Oriental we experienced and witnessed the beauties of their waterfalls without any expectations and they blew us away. The municipality of Claveria had been blessed with the beauty of nature that it was overwhelming. The mossy forests of this place had been hiding waterfalls and it was enchanting to be part of them. Kilomi Falls A very sexy waterfall resembling a flowing…

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