You’d probably say ‘No’ and nobody would blame you because I never heard them before too, not until now. Since we had had the time to visit Misamis, Oriental we experienced and witnessed the beauties of their waterfalls without any expectations and they blew us away. The municipality of Claveria had been blessed with the beauty of nature that it was overwhelming. The mossy forests of this place had been hiding waterfalls and it was enchanting to be part of them.

Kilomi Falls

A very sexy waterfall resembling a flowing cape or a flowing long gown, Kilomi Falls was a few meters walk from the main road and it was a tiring walk.

Misamis Kilomi Falls


Demon Falls

A few meters up the main road and 10-minute walk off the road and we were in Demon Falls. The waterfall was named so because according to the locals the waterfall used to look scarier than it is now.


Danggayon Falls

The simplest waterfall in the list but it was deep in the forest.


San Roque Falls

A 10-minute walk again from Danggayon Falls and the beauty of San Roque waterfall could be seen.

San Riko Falls

A long drive back and San Riko waterfall was a steep walk away from the main road again. After the slippery jumps to the rocks, we were greeted with this mysterious yet inviting waterfall.

Despite that many waterfalls in just one municipality there were still waterfalls in the itinerary which were not visited. Because the road to the waterfalls, Mailig and Nasaad Twin, werechallenging; we deliberately missed them out but you could check them out anytime soon whenever you will be in the area.

Author: Mark Atong

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