Liyang Beach Resort

We stayed in this resort primarily because it was one of the closest to Agutayan Naked Island. With the entrance fee of P40.00, we were welcomed by the rocky beach with a dirty shore and a water shortage. Which was a bummer because we were looking forward to frolicking by the beach after a day of very tiring waterfalls hopping. The water problem improved by the morning and we never dared to take a dip in the beach.

Agutayan Naked Island  

This island was one of the pride of the municipality. They were very meticulous with ensuring that the visitors of the island were well informed of their policies for the preservation of the island.  If you happenned to have snorkeling gears, you could negotiate the boat operators to allow you to snorkel on your 30-minute motorized boat transfer to the island.

The small island was more likely a sandbar and it was unsurprisingly packed with people on their summer getaway. The small stretch of sand did not provide any shade. However, the sun was not punishing which was a terrific thing. Only a small part of the island shore was suitable for swimming. The large part was covered with the abundance of mossy corals and stones.

Be wary also of jellyfishes on the beach. We have found two jellyfishes which luckily did not sting any of us.

Sagpulon Falls

Sagpulon waterfall was that graceful beauty which majestically looked down from the mountaintop to grace mere mankind of its freezing water.

The 300+ steps towards the waterfall was nothing as we reached to it and marvel how Mother Nature worked. The place was commercialized but the waterfall itself was not harmed nor altered. The place was built with cottages and two children pools. There were lifeguards who were actively warning people to not go beyond the off-limits area for the risk of falling rocks.

The waterfall was jam-packed, an indicator that it’s one of the famous destinations in the area. There were a lot going on the area and it was crazy. It was overwhelming. But it was fun!

Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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