It was last week, when we were supposed to go to Lake Agco but got lost on the way. Then we vowed to go back the soonest. Who would have thought that we were crazy enough to make the “soonest” a week after? That may not be crazy at all but we were restless, maybe, of the thought that we were almost there but never quite made it. Which was why when the idea to go, go, go popped up; we never had second thoughts and went, went, went.


We hit the road at 06:00AM on a Sunday and had our breakfast at Tubac Overview Park, again.  The group was never disappointed by the food but we agreed the tinolang manok could use a little bit of salt. It was a consensus, really, when the meal was almost over. Haha.

We were merrily on our way; passing through several necessary checkpoints, seeing people attend early masses, wondering what some people do on early Sunday, and realizing we did not need to rely on maps this time.

After almost three hours (honestly I’m not really good at keeping up time), we reached Brgy. Ilomavis. There was a 10-peso environmental fee being collected before entering the barangay, only if you were visiting a tourist destination in the area. We were. So we paid the fee and got registered.

I did not know what to think about the milieu of the place but I’m convinced that that place was in a different time zone with a different climate. We were welcomed with chills, like it was a sudden change of temperature and it was bamboozling. I did not anticipate it and with my thin frame it was freezing – or so I thought. It was seriously cold, though.

Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort

This resort was the most viable option. Not because of the lack of competition in the area, but because this resort had the complete package Lake Agco had had to offer, for me.

Mud Pool

Despite the name, the pool was fully cemented. There was no mud anywhere so I assumed that the name might have been because of the color of the water as its source was muddy. I knew; it was witty of me! The thigh-deep water of the pool (the body part reference is relative to the height of the person), had lukewarm water, which others might constitute as hot, was so relaxing despite of the reservation of the cleanliness of the water. The resort assured us though that despite its color, the water was clean and suitable for bathing only.


Sauna and bathtub

I honestly had never been in a sauna so I did not know that to expect. On the record though, I knew what a sauna was. Well, it was like a huge oven and you were the pastry only you were sweating purposely that it felt good. It was like you were in a hell but felt like heaven (I have not been to both places, though). Oh, and the bathtub? (Many call it Jacuzzi but that’s a brand) It was so hot I had flashbacks on the hot spring of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. I was not kidding on the hot part I could only manage to submerge my knees on the water.


Hot Spring

This was cleaner version of the mud pool. This pool for kids was thigh-deep (again (the body part reference is relative to the height of the person) and equally relaxing. It seemed that this resort was built for relaxation and they just delivered. I spent a lot of time in this pool; feeling the warmth of the water, scowling at loud kids (sorry), and thinking about life in general. I thought about a lot of things; some are serious, others are nonsensical, but mostly I thought about nothing. Well, I wasn’t really sure. I couldn’t think of a proper excuse to justify why I hadn’t been able to take a single photo of this pool.  I could assure you nevertheless that there wasn’t much to see in this part of the resort.

Cold Spring

The most beautiful pool in the resort and the very first pool you would see upon entering. The large pool had the bluest enticing water you would want to dip in after the long tiring travel. But you might want to check the temperature of the water first. This pool just redefined the words “cold” and “freezing” in the human level. Freezing was an understatement to describe this pool; and since I described the barangay as freezing previously, I ran out of adjectives to denote the coldness of this cold spring. I knew I was overreacting. But I couldn’t help but think that the pool could be used in cryogenics to preserve your body and wake you up in the future. I had no full idea on cryogenics but I thought it was a cool physics reference.


By now I could safely say that I have liked the resort so much that if I could have the chance to return I would grab it without thinking twice.

Lake Agco

The lake was just few meters from the resort and it was worth checking out – because why not? Then I understood why not. The lake naturally reeked of sulfur, of course. The smell was intense, occasionally drifted away by the wind but generally perceptible. Smokes were billowing from the lake and the opaque lake was just menacingly still. Being a Supernatural fan, the smell of sulfur meant something sinister was present – but then it was fiction. It was my first thought and I became wary of my surroundings. I was a joke!

Lake Agco

There was a mud bathtub beside the lake. This muddy bathtub, however, did have mud that people use as mud-packs for numerous personal reasons revolving around beauty.

Lake Agco Mud Pool

Up straight ahead, after slippery rocks, muddy detour, and familiar trees, we were welcomed with a two-tier waterfall. I was so distracted from the welcome however by the thought that I shouldn’t have worn my shoes had I known the existence of the waterfall and the condition of the way to get there. But what was done was done and that left me more laundry to attend to. (I couldn’t believe I just reminded myself of my laundry duties.)

Lake Agco Falls

The ride back home was peacefully uneventful if we ignored the moment where the downpour for about twenty minutes (still not good at keeping time) drenched us but then we ultimately dried up on the long travel.

Seriously though, I must now act like a responsible adult and do my laundry. Still don’t know why I mentioned it!


Lake Agco Collage

Author: Mark Atong

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