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Budayaw Visual Arts Exhibition: Amusement and Bemusement

The first Budayaw Festival is being held here in General Santos City. However, I am a ‘corporate slave’ so; in as much I want to attend all of the activities, my need to pay my bills is currently the top priority. Being the first ever BIMP-EAGA (Brunei Darussalam – Indonesia – Malaysia – Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area), Budayaw aims to primarily showcase the diversity in cultures and artistry to bring forth awareness and consequently appreciation. It is indeed a very interesting festival. So, there’s a Budayaw Visual Arts Exhibition…

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Tupi Agri-Tourism Park: More Than Just A Sunflower Garden

Tupi has arguably cemented its position in contributing a lot to SOX tourism via the, wait for it – sunflowers. The hype started middle of this year when Blooming Petals Inc. opened its doors primarily marketing the place through its sunflower field. After changing its name to Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park it opened again this September as it is again sunflower season. And once again, social media posts are sunflower floods; much to the annoyance of some and enjoyment of others. But the place is more than just a sunflower farm.…

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Mindanao SOCCSKSARGEN Waterfalls

The Stunning Beauty of Asik-Asik Falls

Mindanao, as a whole, has arguably never been a peaceful land for very very long. The numerous conflicts in certain areas of the island group have undeniably affected its growing tourism activities. We ourselves have put on hold our plans to Asik-Asik Falls of Alamada, North Cotabato because of the unrest in the neighboring province. And some people outside of Mindanao may have thought and did too.  But then, it may be the right time to also inspire going back to these places which have been put on hold on…

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Bahay Makabayan Introduces Modular Houses in General Santos City and Surrounding Areas

“Mura at Disenteng Pabahay!” It is always some sort of a relief to own a house you can always go back to after all the vacations and traveling. In today’s dire economy, it is a thing to own a house; it is another to afford one. The good news is, Bahay Makabayan has brought us the offer of affordable houses using modular approach of building it. This modern technique of building houses has long been happening abroad. Modular homes, or prefab homes, are houses which are prefabricated in a manufacturing…

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Islands Itinerary Miscellaneous Visayas

Trick Art Museum, Mt. Luho View Deck, and Sample Budget Boracay Itinerary

Happy Dreamland Trick Art Museum and Bird Sanctuary When you go to Boracay the last thing you will be expecting will be going to a Trick Art Museum. And although not very popular to the many tourists visiting the island, there is a Trick Art Museum in Boracay which you can visit if it piques your interests. Happy Dreamland offers a tour to its Trick Art Museum and bird sanctuary for only P100.  With a P120 tricycle fare, you can get to the theme park and spend some of your…

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