“Mura at Disenteng Pabahay!”

It is always some sort of a relief to own a house you can always go back to after all the vacations and traveling. In today’s dire economy, it is a thing to own a house; it is another to afford one. The good news is, Bahay Makabayan has brought us the offer of affordable houses using modular approach of building it.

This modern technique of building houses has long been happening abroad. Modular homes, or prefab homes, are houses which are prefabricated in a manufacturing site in modules, hence the name, then transported to the housing site and assembled to the foundation. With this, the homeowner is assured that he will be able to live in his house in the earliest time.

“Mura at disenteng pabahay.”, the mantra of Bahay Makabayan is true to its name. In a very affordable price, you can have a calamity-proof and fire-proof house made of environment-friendly materials built using relatively modern and efficient methods in a short period of time. In fact, last Tuna Festival (2017) Bahay Makabayan assembled a prefab house in General Santos City Oval Plaza in just a day! [Photos from: https://www.facebook.com/bahaymakabayanhouse]

Bahay Makabayan 1

Bahay Makabayan 2

Bahay Makabayan 3

Bahay Makabayan 4


Bahay Makabayan offers common Filipinos options of affordable and decent houses – and their modular houses are real game changers. Not only do we have a house we are confident to afford but we are treated with modern techniques that ensure its durability.

There are different models of prefab houses offered by Bahay Makabayan which you can check out in their website www.bahaymakabayan.com. Additionally, contact information and address are provided in their website to cater your further inquiries.

Bahay Makabayan House 2
Photo by: bahaymakabayan.com


Author: Mark Atong

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