Dahican, Mati is definitely one of the bucket-list-worthy destinations; not only for lovers or solo travelers but above all for family and friends as well. Despite the apparent proximity of the place, our determination was more profound than we have imagined. After rushed planning and eleventh-hour reservations, we were on our merry way to Dahican – full of youthful zest and beaming expectations.

No matter what the Google Maps told us, it was a 10-hour drive to Dahican from Koronadal City. My friends Ian, Weng, Ed, Diana, and Shiela are from Koronadal City and they fetched me along the way at General Santos City. Since we kicked off at pre-evening, we made reservations at one of the inns in Davao City to spend the night and continued the trip by early next morning.

Sleeping Dinosaur Island

The well-known stopovers that we were to visit in Mati were all just along the way. Sleeping Dinosaur Island is not uncommon to whoever visits the place. We could not miss the view decks as they are literally beside the highway. Also, many trees are planted by the side of the road. They have created interesting frames with hills and the ocean as background.

It was terribly hot in the view deck though and there was no shade but a hut and some trees nearby.

Sleeping Dinosaur
The Sleeping Dinosaur. I would like to think I am not referring to the island behind.

Subangan Museum

You are gonna love this museum even before entering it. The accent of the color fuchsia (or some prefer purple) is a perfect standout for the place. Apparently, some structures in the city have the same color accent and it was   delightful. What is more delightful though is that their comfort rooms sport a mini garden.

Inside the museum, the huge skeleton of the whale perched on the platform surrounded with Hands-off sign boards and monitors playing on loop of an informative video clip greeted us. We then started going to other displays after dropping our  jaws in awe on how well-lit the place was.

Subangan Museum
Subangan Museum with Ian, Weng, Diana, Shiela, and Edgar.

Before going to the Museum we went to their public market to buy for dinner. Good thing that we did because otherwise we wouldn’t have known how clean and organize their public market is. And we would highly suggest you do the same.

Dahican Beaches

Dahican is most famous for its beaches, among others. Similar to Gumasa Beaches, Dahican has a long stretch of beaches; and, according to a local; the Menzi Beach Park and the Dahican Surf Resort are the ‘core’ beaches. Or maybe she was just saying that because we were staying at Dahican Surf Resort. Nevertheless we were very much near the I Heart Mati landmark on the beach where people around are playing volleyball, playing Frisbee, doing beach bumming, or skimboarding.

The beach, which apparently as nature intended maybe, is as blue as and as inviting as ever. With big waves and sudden depth, no wonder it is renowned for skimboarding and occasional surfing.

In totality, I was in love with Dahican’s beaches. Despite the different activities in the beach there is a certain peace and belongingness in the area. It seemed that people were coming there to relax and have fun and it was contagious. Note though that, for safety purposes, night swimming is strictly prohibited or else you will be flashed with glaring light until you go back to the shore.

Also, one of the best features in this place is the sunrise. And it did not disappoint. We woke up at 05:00AM to catch the sunrise and it was one of the best early morning rises for me. The sunrise was a burst of salmon passing through the calm of the sea. I was a sight to behold!

Above all, I felt the love from friends which always make me realize how lucky I am indeed to be surrounded by amazing people. The simple “Wish granted!” was all I actually needed to cement what actually has been an amazing year.

Dahican, Mati
Weng & Ian and the once-in-a-lifetime photobomb.

Dahican, Mati Sunrise

Dahican, Mati Beach
Edgar & Diana and the velvety water of the sea…

i Heart Mati

Menzi Beach Resort

Panabo City Municipal Hall

Panabo City

Panabo City ii

On our way back to Davao City, we could not discount the cuteness which was in the front of Panabo City municipal hall. Neither should you!

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