I did not know what to write. For the first time, I opened a blank document and stared at it for quite some time before acknowledging the lack of words to write. It did not happen very often thus I was slightly perturbed by it happening. For sure, that had nothing to do with the topic in mind – Bacalla Woods Campsite – as we spent one of the most fun afternoons we had in that area.

I never intended to write a travel blog. Despite having the invalidated skill of writing, I never, in a million years, expected that I would be able to write stuff about traveling. I actually started with the thought of writing just whatever and that whatever happened to be that! Complaining, I was not! In my pursuit of wanting to write, I stumbled upon numerous things I never imagined doing. What I wanted to really say was that I just wanted to tell a story and I believed I could tell it better through texts – not the lack thereof.


Bacalla Woods Campsite Entrance

Dello, Chester, Billate, Paragele, Caña

I went to Cebu again because of a High School reunion. I graduated in The Sisters of Mary School, a school down south. From an impoverished family, I was one of the few blessed souls to have been a part of the institution. Growing up, the people I met in the school became more of a family than friends.

Last year, our group went to Bohol. It was the agreed side trip as we saw each other just once a year. Some things never got old.

This year though, we were limited with responsibilities and working schedules making it difficult to come to an organized trip.

So, being just a few kilometers from San Fernando, we agreed to come to Bacalla Woods Campsite to check what it was about. We had a couple of hours to spare on an afternoon and we wanted to spend it well.

I had this habit of not checking the place I was going especially when somebody did the planning; so for Bacalla Woods Campsite, I just expected it to have the swing it was known for.

The habal-habal ride from the eskina San Isidro was also the way to Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort. The paved winding road snaked through the mountainside with sparse resident houses. Cold wind made the trees waved, sometimes sending dried leaves to the ground. Hills decorated with plentiful coconut trees could not be ignored on the right side area going to the campsite.

After about twenty minutes and passing through several blind curves, we reached the somber Bacalla Woods Campsite. Without further ado, a friend worked his magic negotiating the entrance fee into half vowing that we would only be staying for an hour or two.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

The campsite was as fundamental as it needed to be. Cellular phone signals in the area were weak to none. Camping area set with a couple of tents occupied the left-side area. A simple house rested on the right side with some merchandise displayed near it. Directly from the entrance, the receiving area welcomed us with multiple hammocks tied to its foundation posts. A stair led to an upper room obviously for accommodation. Then just right there, a tree, with its extended branch, supported the infinity swing we came there for.

The swing was facing several hills shaded with green trees and shrubs. Down below the swing, the cliff became less scary as branches of trees full of green leaves obstructed the view of its depth.

Despite having hesitations and fears, we individually tried the swing. The group each swung humorously sending wrecking balls of laughter in the vicinity. There were some tactics and exhibitions which prompted the in-charge to jokingly inform us that he would not be responsible if we fall down below. We followed the safety procedures so there was nothing to worry about. Bottom line, we each had fun having fun of ourselves.

Before dying of laughter, we tried other stuff in the area like the tire swing and rope web. Man, we never laughed like we did for what we had done. I loved that the group had become so comfortable on each other’s skin that we made a lot of memories in that one afternoon.

After that tiring (because of laughter most probably) afternoon escapade, we called a pass to Bugho Falls as the dusk began to settle. We went back to the city with an exhilarated spirit we had so cheaply gained.

Bacalla Woods Campsite Rope Web

How to get there and expenses?

  • From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Carcar, or any area South passing through San Fernando (Fare: P34.00).
  • Instruct the conductor to drop you to eskina San Isidro or the corner street going to Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort.
  • Ride habal-habal to Bacalla Woods Campsite (Fare: P90.00 per motorcycle ride (1 motorcycle can accommodate 2 passengers))
  • Entrance Fee: P100.00 (we haggled it to P50.00 because we did not stay long)

  • On the way back, ride the habal-habal from the campsite to eskina San Isidro (Fare: P90.00 per motorcycle ride (1 motorcycle can accommodate 2 passengers)).
  • Wait on the other side of the road for buses going to ‘Cebu’ (Fare: P34.00).
  • Total Expenses: P208.00 only.

Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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