Bantayan Island is a very beautiful island! That goes without saying. Even without the shadows of the movie filmed in the island, I think it can do very fine. But then, it will have to be an alternate reality.

I love drama. And how society celebrates heartaches nowadays provides the fuel to that ever-burning fire. Wearing emotions on the sleeves proves to be the new black. Everybody is so emotional in all platforms that some businesses’ marketing strategies are focused to, not only highlight but, capitalize these emotions. The emotional market basks itself on its emotions – justified or not – and many are being sympathetic while making money out of it. But – hey – nobody’s complaining!

“Heartbreak is a national anthem. We sing it proudly.” Yes, that is Taylor Swift. And, she knows so well how to capitalize her heartbreak – hats off to her.

Bantayan Island, Cebu Oboob Mangrove Eco-Park

Oboob  Mangroove Eco-Park

“And I know that it’s complicated / But I’m a loser in love, so baby / Raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts of all my wrecked up friends”
Speechless, Lady Gaga

With all the destinations now promoting their places as a haven for broken-hearted people and the like, it has become discomforting and rather difficult to find a friend who has– without notice – disconnected and embarked to a pilgrimage to “find oneself”. For someone whose heart has never been quite broken, I still try to grasp the justifications for the actions of those have done terrible things because of heartbreak. You cannot fathom what a broken man can do…

Oh, I just remember, I have been quite heartbroken when Dobby died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I have never cried and read simultaneously in my life! You may want to burst out and point that that is completely on the different level. Hey, muggle, now who’s judging who?!

The thing is that every single individual has his own coping mechanisms. Nevertheless, before victoriously waving this free pass, consider that each individual has also his own thresholds for bullshits. It should go both ways!

So where do you usually go when your heart is broken? Self-destruction and despair is not option, mate.

Bantayan Island, Cebu Church Ruins

Church Ruins

“If you were church, I’d get on my knees / Confess my love, I’d know where to be / My sanctuary, you’re holy to me”
Church, Fall Out Boy

I am trying to wrap my head around this concept because I don’t understand it. Or maybe I am not giving enough efforts to try to understand things surrounding this phenomenon. Or is it even merely a phenomenon?

What people see as individuals who fall out of love can be individuals who willingly destroyed each other emotionally. I, literally, voluntarily crossed out my name to the list of shoulders to cry on. No wonder I only have a handful of friends. On the record though, I am always keeping an open mind.

Having already established that I know nothing about heartbreak, I would like to dig my grave a little deeper. I would like to point out that my theoretical notion regarding my unhinged perception of heartbreak is the lack of sense of responsibilities to actions of the involved.

I have lent my ears to a few who have been in this situation and the bottom line of their stories are the same – they are not fully at fault. Suggesting that they take responsibilities for their actions instead of justifying it by pointing the blame to others have come back to me with the sassy remarks of not having fully understood things because I am not in their situation. Wow! It leaves me speechless every single time.

Bantayan Island, Cebu Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

“You knew / Exactly what you would do / And don’t say / You simply lost your way / She may believe you / But I never will / Never again”
Never Again, Kelly Clarkson

So what’s the solution to heartbreak? I don’t know. Nobody has this shit figured out. Everybody has had opinions but there are so much moving variables involved to pinpoint an accurate solution. Well, you’re not entirely screwed if your will to do something smart is stronger than your desire to do something dumb – like self-destruct.

So where do you really go?

Back to the start to pick up the pieces left? Where is the start? What pieces? How did we become so poetic?

But then again, what do I really know?!

Bantayan Island, Cebu Budyong Beach and Marlin's Beach

Budjong Beach Resort

“But I took your matches / Before fire could catch me / So don’t look now / I’m shining like fireworks / Over your sad empty town”
Dear John, Taylor Swift


We spent only half a day of our tour because the other half became a stretch of waiting game in Hagnaya Port because of the weather. Here is our itinenary inclusive of only transportation and accommodation.

Mactan Island to North Bus Terminal
(you can opt for jeep or multicab)
P180.00 (Taxi) /2 PHP 90.00
To Hagnaya Port
(Ceres Bus)
PHP 152.00
Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe Port PHP 180.00
Terminal Fee PHP 10.00
Environmental Fee
(collected at Sta. Fe port)
PHP 30.00
Tricycle Tour
Oboob Mangrove Eco-Park
Paradise Beach
Church Ruins
Kota Beach and Sandbar
P500.00/2 PHP 250.00
(Budjong Beach Resort)
P800.00/2 PHP 400.00
Sta. Fe Port to Hagnaya Port PHP 180.00
Terminal Fee PHP 10.00
Hagnaya Port to Cebu City
(Metro Cebu Autobus Corp.)
PHP 132.00
Drop in Total Gasoline Station to Mactan Island
PHP 7.00
Total:   PHP 1,441.00

“Now I’m searching every lonely place / Every corner calling out your name / Tryna find you but I just don’t know /
Where do broken hearts go?”
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?, One Direction

Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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