Mambukal in Koronadal City had been full of surprises. I was talking about my observation that the barangay was large of Cebuano-speaking people in a largely Ilonggo-speaking city. Well, of course, there was the Hot and Cold Springs and Zipline and Eco-Tourism Resort, also.

We live in a year when traveling needed not to be lavished; when traveling alone was still very widely regarded but not unheard of; and when you needed not to dive in your savings to do a vacation. A lot of people could still not grasp the idea that cheaper alternatives while traveling had been an option openly taken advantage of by a lot of people.

RMM Zipline and Eco-Tourist Resort Pool

Growing up from a poor family, travel had not been the priority. It had always been viewed as for people who were doing well in life who could afford it. It was one of the bitter realities which encapsulated the mind to the notion that some parts of the country and the world were scarily expensive and out of reach.  Not everybody had been born into money but I continued believing that money could never confine one’s imagination and drive to reach places they never dreamt of experiencing.

That would be one of the chilling realities that we were to forcedly confront in this world full of “what ifs”. I was never been out of the country but many of my close friends had commented on the frequency of my travels. Since I did not consider myself to travel a lot, I had always convinced myself that I could travel more. Many seemed to disagree.

I got it. I meant I was in an age group whose focus had been into saving for a house or a family or both. It was admirable. But personally, for me, the idea of staying in a house in an outskirt of the city was far from liberating. Getting a house in my age was the smartest thing to do. I did not feel like it was what I wanted, though. I’d always said to myself that I had not known what I wanted; I always knew what I did not.

RMM Zipline and Eco-Tourist Resort Tables

Hearing news about friends and relatives about the next chapters of their lives warmed my heart. How contagious happiness had been was overwhelming every time. As the dust settled in, I would always ask myself if I wanted that. Beaming with a renewed enthusiasm, I always replied with a resounding “NO”.

Being an adult had been hard. Many had found solace in the companionship of others. Some had found it in the family. The fact remained, however, that nobody had this life figured out.

RMM Zipline and Eco-Tourist Resort Pools

That chain of thought was interrupted by a group who just arrived at the resort then went straight to the pool. I had been in the pool by myself for quite some time.

After brunch, I went straight to the resort after figuring out how to get there.  Because I had nothing else to do that day, I spared a couple hours to kill and went because of the zipline. The staff reminded me that I could not go ziplining wet, so I did it first before dipping in the pool.

The 160-meter zipline plumed with the bird’s-eye view of Koronadal City. The inexpensive experience, though fleeting, had been just as what I expected.

Zipline & Eco-Tourism Resort, Koronadal City Zipline II

Then, I stayed in the pool. There was a group of friends a few feet above who had been having fun chatting by the pool. They were nice people who had been amicable. But I did not feel like talking to anybody thus I remained with my reflective lonesome.

What irritated me while dipping in the 4-foot pool had been the insects, which you could not see but could definitely feel their itchy bites. Soon thereafter, having surrendered to the idea that I would not be able to recover where I had left my thought, I decided to pack my bags and go.

How to get there.

Hail a tricycle from Koronadal City Integrated Public Transport Terminal to the habal-habal terminal beside SPDA Koronadal Business Center. Ride a habal-habal to the resort. You may want to save the number of the driver in case you will need a ride from the resort back to the city.

RMM Zipline and Eco-Tourist Resort Prices


Tricycle to habal-habal terminal PHP 10.00
Habal-habal ride PHP 50.00
Resort Entrance PHP 40.00
Zipline Fee PHP 100.00
Habal-habal ride PHP 50.00
Tricycle Ride PHP 10.00
Total PHP 260.00

Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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