Woke up at 2AM thinking of you
Not the first time this has happened – you know
It’s been couple of months since we went green
And all I want is to sleep soundly again

Call a friend saying I’ve missed you out of the blue
Told me to not do something dumb like reenter your pit
Missing you is a bad idea – we both know – so I never did

I want to believe it was all in my head
That nothing was real because nothing was said
Living in a lie was all we both were good
And hiding in pain as much as we could

But how do I move on when every single day
I’ll be missing your, “Meet me at the atrium.”, you see?
I’d sometimes go back to the spot where you waited
With the dancing lights never realized we were blinded

That every time I walk home
The road is familiar but never the same
Nobody else notices, I always do
The spot where we stood now bushes grow

Told myself not to let my 9 to 5
Be sprinkled with anything shaped like a heart
But I never saw you coming ‘till it was too late to swerve
As the green light kept screaming “Go!” never had to hit the brakes

Now eyes are on me as I walk down the hallway
Your name, which once was a familiar sound
Now a taboo nobody dares say
Always thought what you could have said
About us, which we could have pretended never happened

Honestly, never really cared what they’ve said
Only about you looking at me as I bleed
I reckoned that was too much to ask from you
So I took a saw to a breakable chain, who knew?

Never understood why you punished me with silence still
That was brutal but nothing I can’t not suffer
Who knew I had it in me
To overlook something underneath that black hoodie

Maybe I never saw what they’ve always seen
I have always looked at you differently

They said we were happy
They believed we were there
Not interested in what you told them
I could only smile, shrug, and take the blame

Worry not as I master silence like I do your laugh
Besides if I tell them about us everybody’s gonna call a bluff
Like you have never believed my truth
And punished me like I was yours

I know
You’ll never believe me this time too
Because you never did, but I’d say this nonetheless
“Love hurts the same
whether you’re sixteen or twenty-six.”

Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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