One thing that I love about love is that you don’t have to be in it to enjoy it. Being with people who are so in love that it emanates towards you is enough to make you feel that energy of love. That was what happened in our Davao Oriental trip.

Quite frankly, I don’t like hanging out with people who are in relationships but are puffing out negative vibes. I am just blessed to have friends whose relationships are grounded on love – the love which not only transforms them but also the people around them. You can see it, can’t you?

The pressure of finding love among any generation is normal. We are hardwired to think and act that everything revolves around love. While that is not entirely true, let us not be bitter but rather enjoy all the love around us – yes, even when we are not in any kind of a relationship.

Also, enough with the bullshit that God is writing the perfect love story for you. He has enough in His plate to care about trivial things like your failed love life. Take some responsibility in your life, get out there, meet people, and create that love story you are only dreaming of. And never make people guilty for being in a relationship by being miserable while also dragging other single people down your misery hole. Someone just has to say it! Sorry, not sorry…

Here’s another thing. One successful relationship does not make a person successful in relationships, in general. You have to weigh in all the other relationships before that.

Take me for example. I suck at relationships – pun not intended! Considering the number of men who hate my guts, refuse to speak to me anymore, or wish me dead, I must say that I am tramping – pun still not intended – into life knowing that I am gonna die alone. Additionally, all of them had never been my official boyfriends. How fucked up is that? I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard at that thought. HAHAHAHA.

So, even if, in the future, I will be able to have this magical relationship, I’m still gonna be the same fucked up that I am and that is completely fine with me. What is more important to me is that I recognize that and hopefully do better – maybe… Hahahaha.

Despite those, I am still able to fully support my friends who are merrily going their way into relationships. I am genuinely happy that they are in a healthy relationship because one way or another it affects me. Consequently, it challenges me into only entering a healthy relationship too because my choices also affect them.

I mean, I don’t want to continually stack men up for them to hate in as much as the friends of those men hate me. It’s never fun to be hated by people you barely know but what can we do? It’s not high school anymore but things barely change.

You see how did I just curve the narrative about love into this mess many people also call love? I think it says a lot about love being so subjective that even a twisted scenario not worthy of anything love can be construed as love.

Also, if one is so secure in his/her relationship, he/she shouldn’t have these mechanics on how other couples should behave in social media or public so long as they don’t disturb him/her. If one wants to date in private let them be and if others want to date publicly let them be also. I for one, am elated to see couples who are happy and flexing each other in social media or public. I’d rather see that than those who are tearing each other down in any platform.

A non-healthy relationship is never love. Many people would rather stay in it and sugarcoat it however they want, but at the end of the day, all the coating peels off and reveal the rot that it has become. And still, they call it love, sadly.

I can only hope that younger generations will not have the same concept of love. Love is supposed to be a positive thing. While there will always be challenges and all other negativities, love is supposed to make you a better person after the storm has passed. It should never wash you out and hang you dry after the storm – even after you have survived both.

As I always say to my friends, everybody has their tolerance level with the people they care about. We never know the shit some people can put up with just to stay in a relationship. However, it would be an insult to love if you call it as it love and not whatever twisted thing it has become.

So let us all not downgrade love just so we feel like we are included in it. Also, don’t play with love. People are playing games, call it love, and hope that they get away with it. I don’t believe in karma but I believe that some people will be played in the very own game they have designed to win and nobody will be sorry.

But what do I know right? I’ve always stuck to the notion that as long as it ain’t me or my friends, I don’t care who people screw over.

Initially, I have this whole idea in my head where I will be writing about love in a positive light. Even I, am shocked where this article has gone to.

I love y’all.


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Author: Mark Atong

If he is not taking advantage of his skills on full-time IT employment, he is going different places and hopefully making his mother proud. He believes writing is his passion; but it has yet to prove to pay his bills. He is a fun-loving individual who would rather stay at home reading books and catch-up on episodes of TV shows.

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