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Solo Backpacking Samal Island

The Island Garden City of Samal, or Samal Island, was one of the most famous destinations in Davao del Norte. The very smooth and very affordable transfer from Davao City eased the way to the various destinations and activities all across the island. Which was why, backpacking Samal Island was never a bad idea – even when preparations were rushed. I arrived at Samal Island Saturday night. Having no reservations beforehand, I turned right as soon as I walked off Samal Ferry Wharf and walked towards the lined resorts in…

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El Nido and Puerto Prinsesa Palawan Underground River Beach
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El Nido and Puerto Princesa, Palawan Tours: The Trip Where Dianzel Almost Gave Up but Didn’t

I am at Puerto Princesa International Airport waiting for my noon flight back to Cebu. Having this much time to kill in the airport is not fun – especially when alone. I am cruising through memory lane of these past 3 days. This El Nido and Puerto Princesa, Palawan trip has been dramatic, fun, memorable, and short. Nevertheless, I am fairly certain this is, among all of my other trips so far, the most unforgettable. *** Three days ago, Dianzel, one of my best friends, missed his flight to Palawan.…

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We Found Wonderland at Balut Island

There were limited ways to reach Balut Island of Sarangani, Davao Occidental and fortunately one of them was through General Santos City. Balut Island, being part of the Sarangani Islands, was the main hub of trading on the islands. Its neighboring islands Sarangani Island and Olanivan Island were blessed with natural beauties as it was. The municipality of Sarangani should not be confused with Sarangani Province, though. Checking the map might make you scratch your head as I did but I settled on the notion that whoever thought of naming…

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Check out the Caves of Isla de Gigantes

Bakwitan Cave A ten-minute habal-habal ride from Spanish-era lighthouse brought us to Bakwitan Cave. According to the habal-habal drivers, who also assisted us during caving, the cave was named so because it used to be an evacuation area for the residence during typhoon Yolanda. ‘Bakwit’ is an Ilonggo and Cebuano term meaning to evacuate (the term was actually borrowed from the English translation). The locals claimed that it was in this cave that the skeletons of the giants were found and that the marks were actually impressed in some of…

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I Fell in Love with Isla de Gigantes

Isla de Gigantes is a parade of islands located in the municipality of Carles, Iloilo. It is famous for its Cabugao Gamay Island being one of the most photographed islands ranked by a renowned magazine, as well as for its Tangke Salt Water Lagoon which is very popular for its beauty, structure, and myth. Visiting Isla de Gigantes was definitely one of the best things that happened on our trip and we had a wholesome experience we knew only Isla de Gigantes could bring. After Boracay, we had the four…

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