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Bantayan Island, Cebu: Seriously, Where Do Broken Hearts Go??

Bantayan Island is a very beautiful island! That goes without saying. Even without the shadows of the movie filmed in the island, I think it can do very fine. But then, it will have to be an alternate reality. I love drama. And how society celebrates heartaches nowadays provides the fuel to that ever-burning fire. Wearing emotions on the sleeves proves to be the new black. Everybody is so emotional in all platforms that some businesses’ marketing strategies are focused to, not only highlight but, capitalize these emotions. The emotional…

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Carbon Night Market: Smells Nothing Like Teen Spirit

I have always been fascinated by night markets, because, not only do you experience the hustle but take part of the haggle which is their very nature. Almost every city has a night market. Some may be interesting while others are taking it to next levels. I have been to the night market of Koronadal and Davao and I do not even know if one exists in General Santos. Well, we have the Tiongson Arcade and I think that qualifies. Carbon Night Market, though, has always been on the list…

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Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando, Cebu: Swinging Like a Wrecking Ball

I did not know what to write. For the first time, I opened a blank document and stared at it for quite some time before acknowledging the lack of words to write. It did not happen very often thus I was slightly perturbed by it happening. For sure, that had nothing to do with the topic in mind – Bacalla Woods Campsite – as we spent one of the most fun afternoons we had in that area. I never intended to write a travel blog. Despite having the invalidated skill…

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Trick Art Museum, Mt. Luho View Deck, and Sample Budget Boracay Itinerary

Happy Dreamland Trick Art Museum and Bird Sanctuary When you go to Boracay the last thing you will be expecting will be going to a Trick Art Museum. And although not very popular to the many tourists visiting the island, there is a Trick Art Museum in Boracay which you can visit if it piques your interests. Happy Dreamland offers a tour to its Trick Art Museum and bird sanctuary for only P100.  With a P120 tricycle fare, you can get to the theme park and spend some of your…

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Boracay Beach Bumming

The last time we went to Boracay, we were overwhelmed of the hype that – it is Boracay. The one day we spent on the island left us totally hanging. Well, second time was the charm. Having taken advantage of an airline seat sale, we flew to one of the most coveted islands in the country again vowing to savor every moment of it this time. Boracay is irrefutably famous for its white sand beaches. So what better things to do than beach hop in the island? Actually beach hop…

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I am Traveling to Self-discovery

It has been exactly two years ago since I have traveled by an airplane. Yes, I am 24. I cannot fathom still how that novel experience have completely changed the way I view the world. By the window seat of that plane, I have marveled on how small the world is from up there, how the roads have zoomed out into blur, how the houses and buildings have seemed like specks on the earth, and, how the mountains have been unsymmetrically beautiful and green and sometimes disappearing by the clouds.…

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#friendshipgoals on Bohol Countryside Tour

Bohol countryside tour took us to some of famous spots Bohol had to offer. I, with my highschool friends Jay, Jude and Andrew, rented a car for the whole day for 2,000 pesos; with the driver of course, and this excluded entrances, fees, meals, snacks, etc. This tour was highly suggested for travelers who visit Bohol for the first time – and we heeded that suggestion. And we had no regrets! We stayed in Panglao Island the night before, with our other friend Jordan who had been on a countryside…

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A Glimpse of Panglao Island’s Sunrise

After almost two hours of ferry ride for 400 pesos from Cebu to Tagbilaran, Bohol; then a 30-minute taxi ride for 500 pesos for the 5 of us (Me, Jude, Jay, Jordan, and Andrew) to our Panglao Island accommodation; we arrived exhausted and craving for dinner.  We walked along Alona Beach looking for food. In their very expensive arrays of food products, we settled for the more budget-friendly BBQ dinner. Alona Beach was very much comparable to the White Beach of Boracay. Aside from overpricing, of course, we walked side…

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Check out the Caves of Isla de Gigantes

Bakwitan Cave A ten-minute habal-habal ride from Spanish-era lighthouse brought us to Bakwitan Cave. According to the habal-habal drivers, who also assisted us during caving, the cave was named so because it used to be an evacuation area for the residence during typhoon Yolanda. ‘Bakwit’ is an Ilonggo and Cebuano term meaning to evacuate (the term was actually borrowed from the English translation). The locals claimed that it was in this cave that the skeletons of the giants were found and that the marks were actually impressed in some of…

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I Fell in Love with Isla de Gigantes

Isla de Gigantes is a parade of islands located in the municipality of Carles, Iloilo. It is famous for its Cabugao Gamay Island being one of the most photographed islands ranked by a renowned magazine, as well as for its Tangke Salt Water Lagoon which is very popular for its beauty, structure, and myth. Visiting Isla de Gigantes was definitely one of the best things that happened on our trip and we had a wholesome experience we knew only Isla de Gigantes could bring. After Boracay, we had the four…

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