Mambukal Hot Springs
Itinerary SOCCSKSARGEN Springs

A Solo Valentine Trip to Mambukal Hot Springs, Koronadal City, South Cotabato

“I got tired of waiting / Wondering if you were ever coming around” –    Love Story, Taylor Swift Valentines this year had been interesting. Just by observing the behaviors of the people around on how they scramble, I was able to postulate that not only were singles on edge of their seats in finding something to do but as well as the couples who battle the pressure of marketing. There were so many opinions which were floating around on how best to spend or not spend the day. My unsolicited…

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Lake Sebu 7 Falls Banner

Another Motorcycle Ride to Lake Sebu 7 Falls, South Cotabato

I don’t know about you but I think a one-day off kind of sucks. Even when you have been on that routine schedule for years, there are times when you wish that that day can stretch. Typically you would wish that when you are going somewhere on the weekends or when you are just dead tired of the weekdays. The ride to Lake Sebu 7 Falls takes just a day, but being on a motorcycle can be tiring that you’d wish another day of resting afterward. I don’t understand why…

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Tupi Sunflower Banner

Tupi Agri-Tourism Park: More Than Just A Sunflower Garden

Tupi has arguably cemented its position in contributing a lot to SOX tourism via the, wait for it – sunflowers. The hype started middle of this year when Blooming Petals Inc. opened its doors primarily marketing the place through its sunflower field. After changing its name to Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park it opened again this September as it is again sunflower season. And once again, social media posts are sunflower floods; much to the annoyance of some and enjoyment of others. But the place is more than just a sunflower farm.…

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Bahay Makabayan Banner

Bahay Makabayan Introduces Modular Houses in General Santos City and Surrounding Areas

“Mura at Disenteng Pabahay!” It is always some sort of a relief to own a house you can always go back to after all the vacations and traveling. In today’s dire economy, it is a thing to own a house; it is another to afford one. The good news is, Bahay Makabayan has brought us the offer of affordable houses using modular approach of building it. This modern technique of building houses has long been happening abroad. Modular homes, or prefab homes, are houses which are prefabricated in a manufacturing…

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